Published on January 1, 1

This is a site I began working on to explore how to use elixir. I used elixir to pull all the international school data from wikipedia which was terrible because generally there are about 9 different ways schools were formatted so I had to write 9 different parsing scripts. Then the data was manipulated and put into a json file.

The website is built on Hugo, Google Maps API, Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS, pagefind AWS S3, Cloudflare, AWS Cloudformation, google analytics, github actions, opengraph image

The website is a standard Hugo build we use at twitch with Hugo, Tailwind and AlpineJS making the base. I added Google Maps Api in to move the focus of the map to where you are generally located as well as build out the locations when a school is selected. pagefind is used to build an easy search window. I wanted to learn AWS CDK so I used that to build the S3 and cloudformation integration. I have github and actions setup to push any changes over and updates and I have the DNS routed through cloudflare.

I added opengraphimage as a way to easily have unique configurable social media link images